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Dairy farm insurance and so much more

  • Farmhouse (own/rent)

  • Farm Buildings

  • Cars, Vans & Trucks

  • Produce, Milk & Crops

  • Machinery

  • Livestock

  • Liability

Things we can cover

  • Your home and property
  • Farm machinery
  • Fuel and fuel tanks
  • Farm buildings and sheds
  • Boilers and equipment breakdown
  • Computer hardware
  • Farm and personal auto
  • Livestock and hauling vehicles
  • Business interruption
  • Farm, home and business liability
  • Theft and vandalism
  • Legal fees (if being sued)
  • Harvested crops and spoilage caused by breakdown or power interruption
  • Milk contamination
  • Semen, semen tanks and embryos
  • Pollution liability, and more…

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Who we can cover

Our Premier Dairy solution protects large-scale producers who want flexible, customized coverage and great value. Your dairy operation could qualify for Premier Dairy coverage if it is:

  • Your main source of revenue
  • 100% Canadian owned
  • An independent or family owned business (partnership or corporation)
  • A business that has been operational for at least 3 years
  • Outfitted with modern facilities and machinery
  • Run with quality control and management practices in place

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Keeping you safe and sound

We're committed to helping you stay safe on the farm (PDF)

Our in-house team of risk consultants can help you identify hazards and avoid accidents and losses before they happen. Included in our complimentary loss-prevention program:

  • On-site analysis of heating and electrical systems, overall farm property liability, and environmental risks
  • Training seminars, prevention tools and tips
  • Analysis of claims and accident trends

Learn more about how our Risk Services consultants can help you: Watch Video

Putting farmers first

We’ve been putting farmers first for over a century. Founded by farmers, we’re committed to protecting Canadian farming families with customized insurance solutions for their homes, cars, trucks, machinery, and operations.

We’ve got the experience and expertise to protect your way of life.



A deductible is the amount that you agree to pay (out of pocket) for claims-related expenses before your insurance company pays for the remaining costs.

Let’s say you have an accident and the total approved cost to repair damages is $5,000. If you chose a $500 deductible when you purchased your policy, you would need to pay for the first $500 worth of expenses, and we would cover the remaining $4,500.  

Although this is how a deductible applies on most policies, we will waive the deductible for Premier policies with a loss that exceeds $50,000 or 10 times the deductible amount you’ve chosen.

TIP: Choosing a higher deductible will lower your insurance premium. Just be prepared to pay for any costs up to that deductible amount when you need to make a claim.

Above and beyond the standard coverage you’d expect from your policy (e.g., fire, wind, etc.), we also provide unique and necessary coverage for farm livestock where death results from:

  • Flood and earthquake
  • Animals being transported
  • Drowning and attack by wild animals
  • Accidental physical entrapment
  • Electrocution
  • Accidental or intentional poisoning or shooting
  • Accidental fracture of a bone
  • Accidental strangulation
  • Animal birth (covers the cow, not the calf)
  • Casting
  • Hardware
  • Bloat
  • Rabies
  • Blackleg

For Premier policies, the maximum amount payable per head is $10,000. This can be increased for animals valued higher than this amount.

We consider milk to be a type of farm produce. Coverage is available on a broad form basis and claims are settled based on market value at the time of the loss. Here are a few common situations Premier Dairy automatically covers:

  • Milk spoilage due to mechanical breakdown of the refrigeration units or electrical power interruption.
  • Contamination of milk in your bulk tank, caused by milking a cow that has been medicated and accidentally depositing the milk into the tank, or traces of cleaning chemical being left in the bulk tank.
    • Up to $100,000 coverage is available to pay for your loss.
    • If this milk is picked up by the truck and contaminates the milk of your neighbours, we’ll also pay for your neighbours’ milk under your farm liability coverage, but not the fine that comes with it.

We automatically cover up to $100,000 in losses if you have to dispose of your milk because the milk truck was delayed or failed to pick up your milk.

We automatically cover up to $100,000 in losses for semen, embryos, and semen tanks owned by you. You’re covered in the event of a fire, lightning, theft, explosion, and tank failure (subject to limitations).

When dairy operations face a loss, like fire to a dairy barn, the impact can be significant. The Premier Dairy policy automatically provides business interruption coverage and will replace lost income for up to 18 months after an insured loss. Coverage does not stop when your barn is rebuilt — we understand it could take some time to repopulate your barn and get your dairy herd back to the same limit of production it was at prior to the loss, so we’ll continue to replace your income during that time.