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As easy as 1-2-3

When you choose our 1-2-3 Pay Plan, you’ll have the flexibility to pay in one, two, or three instalments and you can avoid paying services fees. If you’re on our automatic monthly withdrawal plan, ask your broker about making the switch to our 1-2-3 Pay Plan.

We accept payment by credit card, cheque, money order, or through your bank or credit union.

If you prefer to pay online with your credit card, simply fill out the form below.

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With the 1-2-3 Pay Plan, you can choose to pay your premium in one, two, or three instalments. We’ll send you billing statements to remind you of your payment amount and due date.



Amount of total premium

Due date



On the policy effective date



2 months after the policy effective date



4 months after the policy effective date


If you’re on the automatic monthly withdrawal plan, here’s how your equal monthly payments work:

  • Payments are made monthly for the duration of the policy.
  • You choose the day of the month the amount will be withdrawn from your bank account: 1, 8, 15, 20, 22, or 28.
  • Your pay plan automatically continues when the policy is renewed, so you don’t need to worry about due dates.

You can submit payment by cheque, credit card, or through your bank or credit union with the 1-2-3 Pay Plan. Pre-authorized bank withdrawals are required for our automated monthly withdrawal plan.

Contact your broker if you want to change your monthly payment plan to the 1-2-3 Pay Plan (or vice versa).

When a monthly bank withdrawal is returned as NSF (non-sufficient funds), a special withdrawal notice is generated and sent to both you and your broker to tell you when the fee will be withdrawn from your bank account. The NSF fee withdrawal is a separate withdrawal from your regular monthly withdrawal.

Depending on your provincial legislation and type of insurance, your policy may be cancelled if you have a second returned payment during the same policy term, or if you have a returned payment on the first payment of a new policy. Talk to your broker about your payment and cancellation terms.

When we calculate the premium amount for your policy, it’s based on a specific term and your payments are set up accordingly. When your policy is cancelled early, we’ll calculate the remaining premium you owe on a “short rate” basis (these rates are governed by statutory conditions and are registered with the government). The amount you’ll owe is based on the cancellation date and the actual number of days your policy was in force.