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Let’s challenge the status quo, together

Sure, it’s ambitious to rethink how our business can propel the entire industry forward. That’s why we’re looking for innovators and game-changers like you to join our team.

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Let’s solve complex problems, together

If you think finding solutions to challenges makes for a rewarding day at the office, you’ll fit right in here.

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We attract and develop the right people for the right roles, recognizing and rewarding greatness. We invest in our people, our workspaces, and our communities.

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What our people have to say

There are so many paths I could take at Economical — it’s just a matter of deciding what I want to do next. It really feels like the opportunities are limitless.

- Misty Noseworthy

We’re writers, designers, and digital marketing strategists — none of us are ‘insurance people.’ It’s really quite unexpected to see this kind of in-house creative department in an insurance company.

- Cheri Armstrong
Senior Content Marketer

We may crunch numbers all day, but we also have over 100 different board games in our filing cabinet for when we need a breather. We have quite the pile of degrees between us, so you can only imagine how competitive our games can be.

- Jeffrey Baer
Advanced Analytics Manager

Whether it’s a heated game of foosball, a potluck lunch, or just joking around, I laugh every day. I never thought I’d be able to say that.

- Ryan Watts
Underwriting Assistant

There’s a certain energy that comes with knowing your voice is always heard — that your ideas matter. I’ve always felt empowered to make decisions at Economical.

- Laura Sheppard
Training Specialist

People may think that working in claims is a thankless job, but once you’ve had the opportunity to support someone through a difficult experience, you realize there’s nothing more rewarding.

- Dennis Chan
Claims Representative

I would say pushing limits is important to me, both in my free time and in my career.  Because Economical is not your typical insurance company, I know I’m in the right place. This is the place to grow.

- Chris Sheehan
Regional Underwriter

I believe it’s important to keep moving forward and evolving, and introducing new technologies and platforms is a huge step in the right direction. It was surprising to me that I’d get to work with such progressive and advanced technologies at an insurance company.

- Moez Nayani
Development Team Leader

This isn’t your typical suit-and-tie insurance company. We go out of our way to make sure we are fair and efficient and able to deliver the best claims service we possibly can. Our customers are not just a policy number, they are real people facing real problems, and we truly care about helping them through it.

- Ian Dalgleish
Claims Team Leader

When the situation calls for a whole new way of doing things — something that happens more often than you’d think — I like that I can always rely on the team to help me come up with a creative solution. Being able to work with great people and think outside the box like that really energizes me.

- Ashley McKerlie
Claims Representative

We’re the furthest thing from typical. When you get here, you find out that all of the things you’d expect about working for an insurance company aren’t true. We’re advancing our technologies and focused on making the customer experience better. We embrace diversity and value different opinions. We’re a corporate company with a start-up culture.

- Kathleen Parker
Shared Services Analyst

At Economical, we only have two hours to reach out to a customer after a claim is reported. They’re often surprised and ask, “Why are you calling me already? What’s wrong?” and I say, “We’re Economical. We don’t wait for tomorrow — we do it today.” It feels good knowing we make it a priority to help people as quickly as possible.

- Robin Handy
Customer Service Representative
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