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After 145 years as a mutual company, Economical has decided to pursue demutualization — the process to become a public share company.

Demutualization is an exciting opportunity for Economical to gain access to the capital that will allow us to invest in our business and innovation, acquire other companies, and strengthen our financial position for long-term success.

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Why Economical is Demutualizing

It is our vision to be a leading property and casualty insurance company in Canada. To do that, we need to better compete with other insurance companies, many of which are share companies. After demutualization, as a widely-held company with common shares, we will have greater access to the capital that will allow us to make strategic acquisitions, investments in the business, and strengthen our financial position and flexibility.

Learn more about demutualization

If you are visiting Economical Insurance from our demutualization website, you may be interested in learning more about who we are and why we are demutualizing. To support this need we have specifically created the website which will help you learn more about your potential eligibility to participate in our demutualization process.

If you would like learn more about Economical Insurance, we would encourage you to use the resources available on our site, including information about our management team, our heritage and future focus, our business performance, our products and services, and what we’ve been up to most recently.