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Sunrise over a field of wheat

Protecting the fruits of your labour Learn about your farm insurance options 

…and the grains, and the beef, and more. From hobby farms to wineries to established farm operations, we offer a range of specialized solutions for operations of all types and sizes.

Dairy cows in a field

Coverage till the cows come home Learn more about Premier Dairy coverage 

Canadian milk and dairy products are world-renowned for their excellence. Headquartered in the Dairy Capital of Canada, our dedicated farm division is proud to protect our nation’s premier dairy producers — and their evolving needs.


Insurance that’s worth crossing the road for Learn more about Premier Poultry coverage 

As poultry and egg consumption continue to grow in Canada, there’s enormous potential for your large-scale poultry operation to grow. Our specialized team can help you get the right protection in place so your business can continue to thrive.

Putting farmers first

We’ve been putting farmers first for over a century. Founded by farmers, we’re committed to protecting Canadian farming families with customized insurance solutions for their homes, cars, trucks, machinery, and operations.

We’ve got the experience and expertise to protect your way of life.