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The role of the Economical® Ombudsperson is to carefully and objectively review complaints as a neutral third party, working with you and other departments to gather additional information to better understand your concerns. Our independent investigation will assess if fair practices and processes have been applied and determine what, if any, resolution we can offer.

Once we have completed a review of your complaint, you will receive an explanation of the final decision in writing, usually within 30 business days. If we’re unable to meet that deadline, we’ll let you know why and when you can expect a response.

Our goal is to work with you to resolve your complaints in a fair and impartial manner. We will shed light on any misconceptions, help clarify final decisions made by the company, and, in the event of an error, help facilitate the correction with the necessary business teams. If a resolution is still not achieved, we’ll provide you with the next steps to take in the complaint process.

Details to Include for the ombudsperson

To properly review and investigate your concerns, it’s important to detail all aspects of your complaint. Please include the following information:

  • The reason you feel your concerns have not been resolved after speaking with your broker or an Economical employee (see steps 1 and 2 for filing a complaint)
  • Documentation or information that you would like the Ombudsperson to review
  • What you would like to see happen with your request (your desired outcome)
  • Summary of your complaint
  • List of unresolved concerns

When the Ombudsperson can't help

Some issues are beyond the control of our Ombudsperson:

  • The cost of insurance and rates (outside of Alberta)
  • The availability of insurance coverage
  • Dispute settlement procedures as required by law or designated regulatory authorities
  • Matters that have been or are currently before the courts

Ombudsperson Contact

Please submit this online form to contact the Economical Ombudsperson. If you prefer, you can also reach out to the Ombudsperson by:

Phone 1-800-265-9996 ext. 48215
Fax 519-570-8550
Mail Office of the Ombudsperson
111 Westmount Road South
P.O. Box 2000
Waterloo, ON N2J 4S4
Online Form Submit the details

Unresolved complaints

  • If you’re still dissatisfied after receiving the final decision from the Ombudsperson, there are regulatory and industry bodies outside of Economical that can help you to pursue a further review of your complaint.

  • General Insurance OmbudService (GIO)

    The GIO is a Canada-wide external independent body that can assist consumers with most disputes involving complaints about property, auto, or business insurance that consumers have been unable to resolve with their insurer.

    Please visit for additional information. You can write to the GIO: 4711 Yonge Street, 10th Floor, Toronto ON M2N 6K8 or you can call their toll-free telephone number: 1-877-225-0446.

  • Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF)

    In Quebec, if you’re not satisfied with the result of the examination of your complaint or with the examination itself, you may ask the Office of the Ombudsman to transfer your file to the Autorité des marches financiers (“AMF”). The AMF examines all complaints received and may recommend mediation if deemed advisable and the parties agree. Please note that the AMF does not provide monetary compensation with respect to consumer claims (other than cases covered under its specific programs).

    Please visit for additional information. You can write to the AMF: 800 Rue du Square-Victoria 22e étage, Montréal, QC H4Z 1A1; or you can call their toll-free number: 1-877-525-0337.

  • The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC)

    As the federal regulator for Economical, the FCAC is an independent agency that protects and informs consumers regarding financial products and services. Contact 1-866-461-3222 or learn more on their website