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Accommodation Policy

For Customers

Accommodation of Disabilities

At Economical, we believe everyone deserves an equal opportunity to access information and provide feedback. From accommodation training for employees to creating accessible solutions for our digital properties, we are committed to creating the right experience for our customers.

To make an accommodation request or to provide feedback on our accessibility solutions, customers can contact us at:

Economical Insurance
111 Westmount Road South, P.O. Box 2000
Waterloo, ON N2J 4S4

Customers can also submit comments through our online Customer Service Feedback form or contact us through our website or our social media channels:

For Employees

Accommodation for Employees with a Disabilities

An employee may require accommodation of medical restrictions and limitations in the form of a modified work schedule or modified duties for a temporary or specified period, or permanently. Accommodation may be required as a result of medical needs arising from a disability, which may include (but not be limited to) a fracture, back  injury, pregnancy, chronic illness, or condition that does not prevent the employee from coming to work, but restricts their ability to perform their full job duties or work a full-time schedule.

To substantiate a request for accommodation, an employee must provide appropriate medical and functional documentation that meets the definition of disability as contained in applicable accessibility and human rights legislation, such as the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and Human Rights Code in Ontario.

If an employee is able to perform modified duties or work a modified schedule, the employee is expected to be available for work if needed. If warranted, and where possible, Economical will provide workplace adjustments to accommodate the employee during this period. If an employee requires long-term, ongoing, or indefinite work accommodation based on a medically-certified disability, Economical will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate the employee with a suitable job arrangement.

Employees who are required to consume any medication which may cause impairment during working hours (e.g. prescription opioids, medical cannabis) in order to manage a disability must speak to their leader and engage in Economical’s medical accommodation process.  Refer to Economical’s Medical Cannabis Policy located in EPP Chapter 3 in the employee portal section of e.Net

Requesting Accommodation

To request accommodation, an employee must provide written request (or in an alternate format when necessary) to their leader and the Economical Human Resources department.

Depending on the nature of the employee’s accommodation needs, and as an active participant in the accommodation process, the employee may be asked to provide supporting documentation completed by the attending physician or treatment providers explaining why the accommodation is required, identifying the nature of the accommodation needs, and any applicable restrictions and limitations associated with the request. The attending physician or treatment providers will also be asked to set out the expected length of time required for the accommodation and address any other questions Economical may have about the employee’s accommodation needs.

While Economical will not require details about the employee’s specific diagnosis, Economical may require information about how the employee’s functional abilities are impacted by the disability and the employee’s prognosis for recovery. This documentation shall be provided in the format requested by Economical, on a case-by-case basis.

Response to Accommodation Requests

When an employee’s request is received, their leader will review the accommodation request with the Human Resources department, and request any supporting documentation required in order to verify the employee’s eligibility for accommodation and what accommodation can be provided without undue hardship.

The employee may request or be asked to attend a meeting to provide Economical an opportunity to better understand the employee’s accommodation needs, explore what options are available for meeting those needs, and explore possible reasonable alternatives to accommodation. Where deemed appropriate and necessary by Economical, and at Economical’s expense, an external expert may be involved in adjudication of the accommodation request based on the medical documentation.

If the employee qualifies for accommodation, their leader and a human resources representative will work with the employee to create an individual accommodation plan. The employee may request a specific representative from Economical participate in the development of his or her individual accommodation plan, subject to the company’s approval.

Where there are several options to provide accommodation without undue hardship, Economical reserves the right to accommodate in the manner that is most convenient for the company. In all cases, while the process is co-operative and the employee is an active participant in the process, the final decision(s) regarding accommodation will be made by Economical.

All decisions with respect to accommodation will be communicated to the employee in writing. Where applicable, Economical will communicate individual accommodation plans in a format that is accessible to the employee, taking into account the employee’s specific needs due to disabilities.

Accommodation Process

Economical understands that an employee’s privacy is of utmost importance and will strive to maintain confidentiality with regard to the employee’s information. Disclosure will only be made where necessary to implement the accommodation, or where required by law.

Individual accommodation plans will generally be implemented for fixed periods of time, depending on the circumstances of the accommodation request, and will be reviewed at regular intervals. Depending on the nature of an employee’s accommodation needs, the employee may be asked to update the supporting documentation provided from time to time to ensure Economical is aware of any changes to his or her accommodation needs. Where appropriate, the individual accommodation plan will include individualized workplace emergency response information.

The employee will be expected to co-operate in the process by taking reasonable steps to minimize the duration of any required accommodations. An accommodation that may be suitable on a temporary basis may not be suitable on a permanent basis without causing Economical undue hardship. Each accommodation request, plan, or continuation of same, will be assessed based on the specific circumstances of the situation.

While an employee may be entitled to a certain type of accommodation, absences from work will not always be adequate accommodation based on the circumstances. In such cases, even if an employee is entitled to a different type of accommodation, unauthorized absences from work may result in corrective action, up to and including termination of employment.

Employees with questions or concerns about this policy or the related procedures are encouraged to contact the Economical Human Resources department: