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2021 Annual Meeting

Economical Mutual Insurance Company held its 2021 annual meeting of members on June 17, 2021 (the “Annual Meeting”). At the Annual Meeting, Daniel Fortin and Susan Monteith were elected to the Board of Directors of Economical Mutual Insurance Company for a three-year term of office ending at the close of the Annual Meeting in 2024. Daniel Fortin was elected with 425 "For" votes submitted (99.3%) and 3 "Withhold" votes (0.70%). Susan Monteith was elected with 426 "For" votes submitted (99.53%) and 2 "Withhold" votes (0.47%).

Also at the Annual Meeting, Ernst & Young LLP was appointed as auditor of Economical Mutual Insurance Company, with 426 "For" votes submitted (99.53%) and 2 "Withhold" votes (0.47%).

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