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Our priorities

In 2018, we took aggressive action to turn around our business. Scaling Sonnet and delivering Vyne™ to our broker partners were critical initiatives aimed at positioning us for future success. We also made significant advancements with demutualization. This momentum continues into 2019 as we work to strengthen and refine our business by improving our loss ratio, and positioning ourselves to unlock our full potential as we prepare to become a public company.

During the past few years, we have successfully accomplished much of the heavy lifting required ahead of our planned initial public offering to ensure we have the optimal capabilities, competitive offering, and expertise to maximize our investments in the business.

2019 Priorities

  • Grow profitably by combining sound fundamentals and exceptional user experiences to exceed customer and broker expectations
  • Operate effectively by creating industry-leading speed and agility through innovation, productivity, and efficiency

Delivering this ambitious strategy requires outstanding industry leaders and an engaged workforce motivated by shared values. We have the right team in place to drive operational excellence and leverage innovation, while delivering a leading customer and broker experience.

2018 Accomplishments

  • Successfully deployed our award-winning broker platform, Vyne
  • Launched Peppermint™, a new pet insurance solution for pet owners
  • Marked a major achievement in the demutualization process

Economical’s 2018 Annual Report

Annual Report Highlights

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