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The Company has only immaterial associates. Key financial information about the Company’s investments in immaterial associates is shown below, on a gross basis in aggregate:

2016 Goodwill and Intangible Assets
(in thousands of dollars) 2016 2015
Total assets $ 330,535 $ 323,298
Total liabilities   211,967   206,543
Total revenue   66,995   61,302
Total net income   15,690   22,910

The Company’s share of the comprehensive income of individually immaterial associates is $3.7 million (2015: $6.6 million).

Impairment testing for the Company’s investments in associates determined that an impairment loss was not required (2015: nil).

All of the Company’s investments in associates are private entities that are not traded on a public exchange. Therefore, there are no published price quotations for the fair value of these investments.