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Our Executive Team

Our executive leadership team is committed to growing our business in Canada. They draw upon their collective experience to develop and deliver the best possible products and service to customers, solid leadership for our employees, and strategic partnerships with brokers. It’s their passion for promoting an environment of collaboration and innovation throughout our company that helps to set us apart as a leader in our industry.

Innes Dey

Chief Strategy Officer

Linda Goss

Chief Actuary

Alice Keung

Chief Information Officer

Elaine Lajeunesse

Chief Risk Officer

Philip Mather

Chief Financial Officer & President of Economical Financial

Tom Reikman

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Shostak

Chief Marketing Officer

Louise Taylor Green

Chief Human Resources Officer

Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors leads with vision and integrity. They’re actively engaged in the development of our strategic direction, and they oversee the executive leadership team responsible for executing on that strategy. In a period of such dynamic growth for Economical, it’s the diverse talent, experience, and guidance of our directors that positions us well for long-term success.

Elizabeth Del Bianco

Dan Fortin

Barbara Fraser

Dick Freeborough

Gerald Hooper

Micheál J. Kelly, PhD

Rowan Saunders

Michael Stramaglia

W. David Wilson